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Byte Calculator

This online calculator allows you to calculate the associated byte value of computer components and equipment to provide accurate comparison of byte capability.

A Byte is equal to 8 Bits (Binary Digits)

Multiples of Bytes can be shown in two ways, as a decimal (base 10) or binary (base 2)

The Calculator below shows both interpretations.

Decimal values are expressed as 1000 to the power as indicated by the name, e.g. 1 megabyte = 1000^2

Binary values are expressed by the binary multiple as approved by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in December 1988

Calculations can be saved to a table by clicking the "Add to table" button

(The table appears the first time the button is clicked)

Bytes Calculator
Item Values Comments
Bytes Value as an unformatted number
Decimal Value 1 kB (Kilobyte) is equal to 1000 bytes
Binary Value 1 kiB (Kibibyte) is equal to 1024 bytes

You can refine the calculations by controlling the number of decimal places that the calculator calculates to. The default is 2 decimal places.

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