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The income tax and salary calculator uses the latest Income Tax and Personal Allowances for 2019 as published by HMRC in the 2018 budget.

Budget, Plan and control... Three words that seem to dominate business and personal life sometimes. We all know that we need to control our finances and budget for the big financial events in our lives like buying a home, having children, buying a car, retiring and so forth but that is often easier said than done.

With over a thousand free calculators for you to use on our website, it's a little difficult to squeeze them all in this page. We have gathered the more popular calculators from each section below to help you find what you need. If you don't see the calculator you are looking for below, use the search facility.

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Producing a good financial plan of any type requires knowledge and understanding of tricky financial terminology and calculations, doesn't it? If you are a maths whizz and enjoy crunching your calculator or spending hours/days producing spreadsheets in excel then financial planning probably comes naturally to you. iCalculator is for the other 90% of the UK population who either don't have the knowledge/experience/necessary skills or the time required to produce those tools.

iCalculator provides several suites of dedicated free online calculators which have been specifically designed for our community, these include calculators designed for business use and individuals.

We encourage our community (people like you) to provide feedback and help refine and shape our calculators to suit your needs. This approach allows us to build in explanations of specific calculations. This may be in the form of an explanation of how salary sacrifice reduces the amount of tax you pay or details of a specific budgeting tool.

iCalculator aims to allow individuals and businesses to quickly calculate the answer to their question and provide relevant information in support of the calculation to facilitate an informed decision. The informed decision is normally a financial decision as most of our calculators are finance based, we do however provide a number of separate calculators for HR, Engineering, Logistics, Mathematics and Health.

We constantly add to the calculators we have ( a little over a thousand separate calculators), this includes refining/enhancing existing calculators and tools or developing new ones. If you are looking for a specific calculator and you can't find what you need, simply contact us with the basic information. We will get in touch and help shape the tool you need, this service is provided for free, if the tool is too complex, we will let you know. Around 97% of the requests we receive make it through to final development.