Takeaways and your Houehold Budget

Takeaways refer to food, coffee or bakery products that you may carry to your home or office.

Takeaways in detail

As per VoucherCodes.co.uk, British people spend more than £29 billion on takeaway food every year. On average, British people spend £110 to 206 every month or £1,300 to £2,500 every year only on fast food takeaways.

Popular takeaway foods:

  • Chinese
  • Indian
  • Fish and chips
  • Pizza
  • Fried chicken
  • Kebab
  • Thai food
  • Burger
  • Sushi
  • Italian

According to HungryHouse, a leading online website that lists more than 10,000 takeaway UK restaurants on its website, the five most popular Chinese takeaway dishes are chow mein, crispy aromatic duck, egg fried rice, sweet and sour and spring rolls.

Example 1: Chinese food

You live in Liverpool with L26 as your postal code, and you want to order Chinese food. Using Hungry House, we found a restaurant in this area called Crispy Cod that offers 8 different varieties of chow mein including Singapore, duck chow, king prawn, chicken, beef, prawn, mushroom and char siu at the price of £5 to £5.50. If you want to order aromatic crispy duck, a restaurant named Yona offers quarter, half and whole options at £5.90, £11.90, and £20.00 respectively.

Example 2: Fish and chips

Suppose you live in Leeds and your post code is LS12. A restaurant named Nemo's Fish bar offers fish and chips at £3.70 (regular) and £5.00 (large). Billy Walton's offers fish and chips at £4.80.

Example 3: Indian food

For Indian food, let's look at the menu of Bollywood in London, which was ranked at 8th at HungryHouse's ranking of top takeaways in the UK. Popular curries such as garlic chicken tikka curry, chicken mushroom curry, and a keema (mince) potato curry cost £5.10 each. Starters like samosa, chicken tikka, chicken pakora, and reshmi kebab cost £1.70 to £2.70 each.

Takeaway Coffee

As per 2013 data, British population spends over £6 billion each year on takeaway coffee. One-fourth of the British population, or 16.1 million people, purchase at least one takeaway coffee every week and spend £200 to £500 a year. These amounts have been increasing rapidly.

Impact of takeaways on household expenditure

As you can see, the combined spend on takeaway food and coffee can take up a large portion of the household budget. You need to watch this expense carefully.

Use our household budget calculator to see the contribution of takeaways in your household budget.