What are all those deductions in my Pay Packet?

Yes, we all feel like that when we look at our pay slips but there are few means of avoiding the dreaded deductions that Tax and National Insurance have on our Pay.

For detailed explanations on pay deductions and contributions, see the links below.

Pay Deductions

1ActivitiesWhat does Activities mean?
2Actual-interest-rateWhat does Actual-interest-rate mean?
3Administration-feeWhat does Administration-fee mean?
4After-school-clubsWhat does After-school-clubs mean?
5Annual-interest-rateWhat does Annual-interest-rate mean?
6Blind-persons-tax-allowanceWhat does Blind-persons-tax-allowance mean?
7Blind Persons Tax AllowanceWhat does Blind Persons Tax Allowance mean?
8Buildings-and-contents-insuranceWhat does Buildings-and-contents-insurance mean?
9Car-insuranceWhat does Car-insurance mean?
10Car-loan-optionsWhat does Car-loan-options mean?
11Car-loan-providersWhat does Car-loan-providers mean?
12Car-loan-termWhat does Car-loan-term mean?
13Car-loans-and-bad-creditWhat does Car-loans-and-bad-credit mean?
14Car-priceWhat does Car-price mean?
15Cash-depositWhat does Cash-deposit mean?
16Child-benefitWhat does Child-benefit mean?
17Child-benifitWhat does Child-benifit mean?
18Child-careWhat does Child-care mean?
19Child-care-voucher-schemeWhat does Child-care-voucher-scheme mean?
20Child-maintenanceWhat does Child-maintenance mean?
21Child-tax-creditWhat does Child-tax-credit mean?
22Child BenifitWhat does Child Benifit mean?
23Child Care Voucher SchemeWhat does Child Care Voucher Scheme mean?
24CinemaWhat does Cinema mean?
25ClothingWhat does Clothing mean?
26Commuting-costsWhat does Commuting-costs mean?
27Council-taxWhat does Council-tax mean?
28Credit-cardWhat does Credit-card mean?
29Currency-pairWhat does Currency-pair mean?
30Currency-rateWhat does Currency-rate mean?
31Dealer-contributionWhat does Dealer-contribution mean?
32DentalWhat does Dental mean?
33Eating-outWhat does Eating-out mean?
34ElectricityWhat does Electricity mean?
35Employers-national-insurance-contributionsWhat does Employers-national-insurance-contributions mean?
36Employers National Insurance ContributionsWhat does Employers National Insurance Contributions mean?
37FinesWhat does Fines mean?
38Forex-leverageWhat does Forex-leverage mean?
39Forex-marketWhat does Forex-market mean?
40Forex-tradingWhat does Forex-trading mean?
41FuelWhat does Fuel mean?
42GasWhat does Gas mean?
43Giving-to-charityWhat does Giving-to-charity mean?
44Giving To CharityWhat does Giving To Charity mean?
45GMFV-final-paymentWhat does GMFV-final-payment mean?
46GroceryWhat does Grocery mean?
47Gross-payWhat does Gross-pay mean?
48Gross PayWhat does Gross Pay mean?
49Health-insuranceWhat does Health-insurance mean?
50Hmrc-pension-contributionsWhat does Hmrc-pension-contributions mean?
51Hmrc Pension ContributionsWhat does Hmrc Pension Contributions mean?
52HobbiesWhat does Hobbies mean?
53HolidaysWhat does Holidays mean?
54Home-helpWhat does Home-help mean?
55InternetWhat does Internet mean?
56InvestmentsWhat does Investments mean?
57Laundry-dry-cleaningWhat does Laundry-dry-cleaning mean?
58Maintenance-marginWhat does Maintenance-margin mean?
59Margin-callWhat does Margin-call mean?
60Margin-ratioWhat does Margin-ratio mean?
61Margin-usedWhat does Margin-used mean?
62Married-couples-tax-allowanceWhat does Married-couples-tax-allowance mean?
63Married Couples Tax AllowanceWhat does Married Couples Tax Allowance mean?
64MedicalWhat does Medical mean?
65Mobile-phonesWhat does Mobile-phones mean?
66Monthly-PCP-loan-paymentWhat does Monthly-PCP-loan-payment mean?
67MortgageWhat does Mortgage mean?
68Mortgage-lendersWhat does Mortgage-lenders mean?
69Mortgage-typesWhat does Mortgage-types mean?
70Mortgages-in-the-ukWhat does Mortgages-in-the-uk mean?
71National-insurance-contributionsWhat does National-insurance-contributions mean?
72National Insurance ContributionsWhat does National Insurance Contributions mean?
73Net-payWhat does Net-pay mean?
74Net PayWhat does Net Pay mean?
75New-mortgageWhat does New-mortgage mean?
76Nights-inWhat does Nights-in mean?
77Nights-outWhat does Nights-out mean?
78NurseryWhat does Nursery mean?
79Option-to-purchase-feeWhat does Option-to-purchase-fee mean?
80Other-insuranceWhat does Other-insurance mean?
81Paid-televisionWhat does Paid-television mean?
82Parking-costsWhat does Parking-costs mean?
83Part-exchange-valueWhat does Part-exchange-value mean?
84Pay-as-you-earnWhat does Pay-as-you-earn mean?
85Pay-deductionsWhat does Pay-deductions mean?
86Pay As You EarnWhat does Pay As You Earn mean?
87Pay DeductionsWhat does Pay Deductions mean?
88PCP-financeWhat does PCP-finance mean?
89PCP-finance-new-carsWhat does PCP-finance-new-cars mean?
90PCP-finance-used-carsWhat does PCP-finance-used-cars mean?
91PensionWhat does Pension mean?
92Pension-contributionsWhat does Pension-contributions mean?
93Pension ContributionsWhat does Pension Contributions mean?
94Personal-insuranceWhat does Personal-insurance mean?
95Personal-loansWhat does Personal-loans mean?
96Price-interest-pointsWhat does Price-interest-points mean?
97Private-pensionWhat does Private-pension mean?
98Reduce-your-national-insurance-paymentsWhat does Reduce-your-national-insurance-payments mean?
99Reduce Your National Insurance PaymentsWhat does Reduce Your National Insurance Payments mean?
100Regular-savingsWhat does Regular-savings mean?
101RentWhat does Rent mean?
102Road-taxWhat does Road-tax mean?
103Salary-sacrificeWhat does Salary-sacrifice mean?
104Salary SacrificeWhat does Salary Sacrifice mean?
105SavingsWhat does Savings mean?
106School-mealsWhat does School-meals mean?
107SportsWhat does Sports mean?
108State-benefitsWhat does State-benefits mean?
109State-pensionWhat does State-pension mean?
110State BenefitsWhat does State Benefits mean?
111State PensionWhat does State Pension mean?
112Student-loanWhat does Student-loan mean?
113Student LoanWhat does Student Loan mean?
114SubscriptionWhat does Subscription mean?
115TakeawayWhat does Takeaway mean?
116Tax-avoidanceWhat does Tax-avoidance mean?
117Tax-free-allowanceWhat does Tax-free-allowance mean?
118Tax-payableWhat does Tax-payable mean?
119Tax-rebateWhat does Tax-rebate mean?
120Tax-yearWhat does Tax-year mean?
121Taxable-payWhat does Taxable-pay mean?
122Taxable PayWhat does Taxable Pay mean?
123Tax AvoidanceWhat does Tax Avoidance mean?
124Tax Free AllowanceWhat does Tax Free Allowance mean?
125Tax PayableWhat does Tax Payable mean?
126Tax RebateWhat does Tax Rebate mean?
127Tax YearWhat does Tax Year mean?
128TelephoneWhat does Telephone mean?
129Total-amount-of-creditWhat does Total-amount-of-credit mean?
130Total-amount-payableWhat does Total-amount-payable mean?
131Total-interest-paidWhat does Total-interest-paid mean?
132Total-to-be-repaidWhat does Total-to-be-repaid mean?
133Tv-licenseWhat does Tv-license mean?
134WaterWhat does Water mean?
135Working-hoursWhat does Working-hours mean?
136Working-tax-creditWhat does Working-tax-credit mean?
137Working HoursWhat does Working Hours mean?
138Workplace-pension-schemesWhat does Workplace-pension-schemes mean?