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iCalculator: Tax Calculators

iCalculator provides free online tax calculators for the following countries around the globe. If you are looking for a specific country which isn't listed, please contact us and we will build a tax calculator for the country requested. We constantly add new tax and finance calculators on request, it's simply a case of making the request. All we ask in return is that, if you spot a bug or have a specific feature request that you drop us a message on our forums, on Facebook or by contacting us through our website. You can find our contact details in the main menu and at the bottom of this page..

Welcome to iCalculator

iCalculator is a collection of online calculators which are specifically designed for online use via computers, mobile phones and tablets iCalculator is an ongoing project that aims to provide calculators for our community for all their personal and business needs. We regularly add new calculators and provide new online calculators on request as well as expanding on the calculators we have in each section.

Did you know you can leave feedback, request new calculator features and get advice and support from our community on our forums? Join us now.

Calculators are our passion

We know it's nerdy but calculators are our passion and we aim to make our calculators easy to use and understand. When practicable, we provide detailed breakdown of the calculations and supporting information so that you understand exactly how the calculator works and what information you need to know. A good example of this is our tax calculator, which provides a line by line calculation explanation, analysis and links to supporting information so that you can have a clear understanding of how your tax (PAYE, NIC's etc.) are calculated.

The iCalculator project was launched in 2009. In the early days iCalculator simply provided a few mathematical calculators. As the years have past, iCalculator has grown and grown and now provides dedicated advice and support (with tax guides, supporting articles and clarification of terminology). We have, and continue, to refine our calculators to provide more detailed breakdown, results and information so that you have the tool you need.

Get involved

The calculators provided on this website are free to use, we support a lot of online calculators but we need your support to ensure that any bugs are identified and new features added. We kindly ask that you provide feedback and raise feature requests through our Forum, or by contacting us through our website, maybe join us on Facebook or send us a tweet on Twitter.

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