2019 Tax Calculator for Annual Salary

The 2019 Annual Tax Calculator calculates your take home pay based on your Annual Salary. Calculate your Annual take home pay based of your Annual salary to see full calculations for Pay As You Earn (PAYE), National Insurance Contributions (NICs), Employer National Insurance Contributions (ENICs), Pension, Dividend tax etc. for 2019/20. Use the simple annual tax calculator or switch to the advanced annual tax calculator to refine your income and personal tax status settings. If you run a website, you can add this Tax calculator to your website or Blog for free and provide a free Salary Calculator for your users.

New! Boris Johnson Tax Calculator : Calculator which compares your current salary to how it could look for you if Boris Johnson gets his plan through for tax threshold increase which will see hundreds of thousands of UK tax payers potential thousands of pounds better off each year.

This Tax and Salary Calculator uses the latest Income Tax and Personal Allowances for 2019 as published by HMRC in the 2018 budget.

2019 Tax Calculator: Annual Salary
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How to calculate your Annual PAYE. NIC's and Take Home Pay

  1. Enter you Annual income / dividends
  2. Click Calculate
  3. Optional: Use pre-defined tax scenarios and/or select Advanced to use the advanced Annual tax calculator features
  4. Optional: Choose alternate calculation results and templates then print or email to yourself for later use.

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PAYE and Tax calculations can seem complex, the following are taken into consideration when calculating your salary and take home pay: