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Tax Calculations and Analysis

Tax calculations and salary breakdown is not always as simple as it should be. Payslips are often streamlined and never ever explain the tax breakdown, how PAYE and NI have been calculated or salary sacrifice or pay deductions applied. The Tax Calculator provides a full breakdown of earning, tax, PAYE, NI and explains exactly how your take home pay has been calculated.

The tax illustration and calculations below are for an individual earning £ 0.00 per annum in the 2018/19 Tax Year

Personal Allowances are applied in full. There are no additional allowances or deductions made (Blind Allowance etc). You can produce a full bespoke tax breakdown using our 2018/19 PAYE Calculator, this allows you to input and alter the tax calculation to suit your personal circumstances.

Our most powerful tax calculator with full breakdown and analysis of all your salary related deductions. Each element of the tax calculation is fully explained with the mathematics calculation used to calculate your tax shown and illustrated so you can understand how your tax, PAYE and NIC's are calculated.

Simply enter your salary below then click the generated link to see a full analysis of your Gross Income and Take Home Pay.

Salary and Tax Illustrator:

Enter your annual salary to view a full tax calculation including PAYE and NIC deductions (Employee and Employer NIC's)

Tax Calculations

Full tax analysis and breakdown of calculations, making it easy to understand your payslip. Click to view a salary illustration and email/print as required.

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