Spain Salary Statistics 2019/20

The Spain salary statistics section contains information, data and visual analysis of the salary and income tax / salary deductins information gathered from use of the Spain Salary and Tax Calculators on iCalculator.

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Spain Salary calculations per month in 2019 Live
TerritoryJan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Andalusia (AND)0906795051011085800000000
Catalonia (CAT)056064927549038770000000
Community of Madrid (MAD)024212094163621730000000
Valencian Community (VAL)033783477268025490000000
Galicia (GAL)04473924393500000000
Castile and León (CAL)03132733132570000000
Basque Country (BAC)06114645793260000000
Castilla-La Mancha (CAM)03232793342340000000
Cantabria (CAN)06015656124480000000
Region of Murcia (MUR)04037277035270000000
Aragon (ARG)02763472752040000000
Extremadura (EXM)03162503002540000000
Balearic Islands (BAL)0115068613696400000000
Asturias (AST)03572763942750000000
Navarre (NAV)03163273003830000000
La Rioja (RIO)02752512962560000000
Ceuta (CET)02902102932200000000
Melilla (MEL)02652332752680000000

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