South Africa Salary Statistics 2019/20

The South Africa salary statistics section contains information, data and visual analysis of the salary and income tax / salary deductins information gathered from use of the South Africa Salary and Tax Calculators on iCalculator.

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South Africa Salary calculations per month in 2019 Live
TerritoryJan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Eastern Cape (EAS)02011961811540000000
Free State (FRE)02111801701510000000
Gauteng (GAU)01308102216118370000000
KwaZulu-Natal (BBA)02924613441590000000
Limpopo (BME)0213237132700000000
Mpumalanga (BPA)0187185184990000000
North West (BTI)0195236154830000000
Northern Cape (NOR)0211190169830000000
Western Cape (WES)03465684562860000000

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