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Scotland Salary Statistics 2018/19

The Scotland salary statistics section contains information, data and visual analysis of the salary and income tax / salary deductins information gathered from use of the Scotland Salary and Tax Calculators on iCalculator.

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Scotland Salary calculations per month in 2018 Live
TerritoryJan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Aberdeen and Grampian (ABE)0875142120932030136011911262675000
Angus and Dundee (ANG)0260532528584354376359223000
Argyll (ARG)014016621222918218512873000
Ayrshire (AYR)0249543677719429279349227000
Dumfries and Galloway (DUM)011627426026514114020080000
Edinburgh and Lothians (EDI)037895580828185706252522757763369000
Fife (FIF)0317600526666414370391245000
Glasgow and Clyde Valley (GLA)022083402440851013608309034632273000
Hebrides (HEB)0489211411580527052000
Highlands (HIG)0320533504775482362381206000
Orkney (ORK)05910788128105557653000
Perthshire (PER)0182400353351267231234127000
Scottish Borders (SCB)012620321121211614123191000
Shetland (SHE)0706912912876788543000
Southern Scotland (SOU)06013015214084908634000
Stirling and Trossachs (STI)0248348458502309295302240000

You can view the latest Scotland salary statistics below or select a specific location, month and/or year to view historic salary statistics for Scotland. Alternatively you can use the search feature to find a specific salary statistic or location specific salary information.

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