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Australia Salary Statistics 2019/20

The Australia salary statistics section contains information, data and visual analysis of the salary and income tax / salary deductins information gathered from use of the Australia Salary and Tax Calculators on iCalculator.

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Australia Salary calculations per month in 2018 Live
TerritoryJan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Ashmore and Cartier Islands (ACI)000000000000
Australian Capital Territory (ACT)0619466480467758897881689472474542
Australian Antarctic Territory (AQ)031321220020
Cocos (Keeling) Islands (CC)06529523734262710283338
Coral Sea Islands (CSI)062231021110
Christmas Island (CX)0413333181518148192526
Heard Island and McDonald Islands (HIM)000000000000
Jervis Bay Territory (JBT)0172501108611924950182846512553536485510770411111
Norfolk Island (NF)0162881148584485327536784
New South Wales (NSW)0882543579567614886492836436833337654302064196411290558402016576969
Northern Territory (NT)0344286358280359396423174274202270
Queensland (QLD)012284482121863777097763169506834632429434419895812881623
South Australia (SA)0380462532826707219571962016254147889406131691787525172
Tasmania (TAS)042288327594429301523444920824615856814139591996136871191789275175
Victoria (VIC)01882081259371324231071959656676665683294475963825102465123319
Western Australia (WA)0293182018521081172061596713770127347842105681425919727

You can view the latest Australia salary statistics below or select a specific location, month and/or year to view historic salary statistics for Australia. Alternatively you can use the search feature to find a specific salary statistic or location specific salary information.

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