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We all have that dream car, whether an old Jaguar or brand new Aston Martin though for most car finance is about being able to afford the car that gets us from A to B everyday. A combination of practical function for the family/pets and sufficient luxury to make the commute to and from work reasonably bearable.

Over the past few decades cars have become more affordable and accessing a new or nearly new car achievable for most working individuals and families. As with all big financial decisions, the key is to do your research and ensure you get a good deal.

Accessing a good car finance deal is easy, securing the best car finance deal requires a little bit of work. It's all about being honest with yourself, what can you afford to spend each month? Establishing your monthly deposit makes the rest fairly straight forward, it's simply a case of finding the right deals that give you the most for your money.

A PCP deal for example will allow you to access a more luxurious car than a traditional loan but you don't own the car at the end of the deal though you can choose to pay for it.

This car finance section is designed to provide you with the right information and tools to compare car finance deals and access the best deal for you and your financial situation. Each car finance guide is linked to allow you to read through the guides in sequence, alternatively you can jump between the car finance guides and calculators by using the quick link menu to the right or using the search feature at the top of our website.

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Car Finance Calculators and Guides

For those who are already familiar with car finance or simply want to just to a specific topic or tool, we have collated the main car finance tools and guides below.