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2018/19 Payslip Calculator

A Simple Payslip Calculator with a comprehensive tax and payslip calculator running behind the scenes to provide you with a full PAYE Calculation. Each element of the Payslip calculation is fully illustrated so you can understand how your tax, PAYE, NIC's and take home pay are split.

Simply enter your annual salary below then click the generated link to generate a Payslip.

The Payslip Calculator is configured to calculate a PAYE tax calculation for the 2018 / 2019 tax year.

Each Payslip calculation provides a full breakdown of Employee and Employer NIC's, and other deductions calculated within the UK Tax Calculator 2018/19.

Payslip Calculator:

Enter your annual salary to generate a Payslip

Payslip Examples

Click on one of the following pre-defined Payslip examples or generate your own bespoke Payslip using the Payslip Creator above.

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