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What is a P60?

A P60 form is a tax form used by HMRC which is issued at the end of each tax year by your employer. A P60 contains exact information about how much you have earned, showing your annual Gross Pay, PAYE (Pay As You Earn) and NIC's (National Insurance Contributions) you have paid during the specified tax year. It is your responsibility to check your P60 and claim back any overpaid tax or report underpaid tax.

We have prepared a suite of P60 tools and guides to help you understand why your P60 is important to you and how, by understanding the information on your P60, you can identify if you have paid the right amount of tax and the steps to follow to get a tax rebate.

The following P60 guides, calculators and tools are designed to allow you to identify if you have paid the right amount of tax and show how to legally reduce your tax bill.

  1. P60 Explained
  2. P60 Checklist
  3. P60 Form Explained
  4. P60 Health check
  5. 10 Tax Saving Tips
  6. P60 Tax Return Process
  7. 2019 P60 Employer Checklist

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