Nigeria Tax Terms and Guides

This section contains tax and finance guides and articles in support of the Nigeria Income Tax Calculator

  1. Employment Income
  2. Employment Expenses
  3. Net Employment Income
  4. Trade, Business, Profession or Vocation
  5. Dividends
  6. Interest
  7. Rent from property
  8. Claim for Rental Expenses Simplified
  9. Royalty, Charge, Estate/Trust Income
  10. Gains or Profits of an Income Nature
  11. Total Income
  12. Approved Donations
  13. Assessable Income
  14. Earned income relief
  15. Spouse/handicapped spouse relief
  16. Qualifying/handicapped child relief
  17. Working mother's child relief
  18. Parent/handicapped parent relief
  19. Grandparent caregiver relief
  20. Handicapped brother/sister relief
  21. CPF/provident Fund relief
  22. Life Insurance relief
  23. Course fees relief
  24. Foreign maid levy relief
  25. CPF cash top-up relief (self, dependant and Medisave account)
  26. Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) relief
  27. NSman(Self/wife/parent) relief
  28. Chargeable Income
  29. Tax Payable on Chargeable Income
  30. Personal Income Tax Rebate
  31. Tax Payable after Personal Income Tax Rebate
  32. Parenthood Tax Rebate
  33. Net Tax Payable

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