NHS Pay Scales

The Latest NHS pay scales with supporting salary calculation to illustration salary deductions (PAYE, NICs, Pension) and show take home paye after tax. This information is particulalry useful for new nurses or nurses who expect to increase by one pay grade in 2020/21. Did you know that if you want to compare average salaries in the UK, you can review the UK Average Salaries in 2021?

Are NHS Nurses paid an appropriate wage?

The NHS is a key part of the UK, it isn't just a medical care facility like those in other countries, it is a key institution that is important to the staff within it and the entire population of the UK. The passionate belief that everyone, no matter how rish or small, should recieve appropriate medical and pastoral care is an idiology that the vast majority of the UK population have a deep belief in. UK residents are passionate about the NHS and raise funds, provide support and go above and beyond whenever they can to support and sustain the NHS and the ideology it stands for.

Nurses are a pivotal part of the NHS, providing the majority of interaction, medical and pastoral care to patients. Realistically, it is difficult to quantify the true value of that care and there is frequent debate on NHS nurse salaries and pay rises. This is not due to the quality of the care but to the overall cost of the NHS and sustaining those services. With the difficult balance of cost and care, how do you think current NHS salaries for Nurses fair? The table below defines the 2020/21 rates and the comparison to previous years salaries, you can also click on the salary to see how much a NHS Nurse takes home after PAYE and NI deductions. Please rate 1 star for "NHS Nurses Dont Earn Enough" through to 5 Stars for "NHS Nurses are paid too much", a three star rating indicates that your feel that NHS Nurse are paid an appropriate wage in 2020.

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The table below provides a list of the latest pay scales. For simplicity, we have linked the latest updates to the pay scales to a supporting NHS salary example o you can see an illustration of your take home pay after tax. You can calculate your exact take home after tax using the tax calculator (which allows for different tax codes, pension commitments etc.).

NHS Pay Rates for 2019/20 and 2020/21
Years of Experience2019/202020/212021/22
Band 1< 1 year£17,652£18,005£18,545
1+ years£17,652£18,005£18,545
Band 2< 1 year£17,652£18,005£18,545
1-2 years£17,652£18,005£18,545
2-3 years£17,652£19,337£19,917
3-4 years£17,652£19,337£19,917
4-5 years£17,652£19,337£19,917
5-6 years£17,983£19,337£19,917
6+ years£19,020£19,337£19,917
Band 3< 1 year£18,813£19,73720,329
1-2 years£18,813£19,737£21,776
2-3 years£18,813£21,142£21,776
3-4 years£18,813£21,142£21,776
4-5 years£19,332£21,142£21,776
5-6 years£19,917£21,142£21,776
6+ years£20,795£21,142£21,776
Band 4< 1 year£21,089£21,892£22,549
1-2 years£21,089£21,892£22,549
2-3 years£21,089£21,892£24,882
3-4 years£21,819£24,157£24,882
4-5 years£22,482£24,157£24,882
5-6 years£22,707£24,157£24,882
6+ years£23,761£24,157£24,882
Band 5< 1 year£24,214£24,907£25,654
1-2 years£24,214£24,907£25,654
2-3 years£24,214£26,970£27,779
3-4 years£26,220£26,970£31,533
4-5 years£26,220£27,416£31,533
5-6 years£27,260£27,416£31,533
6-7 years£28,358£30,615£31,533
7+ years£30,112£30,615£31,533
Band 6< 1 year£30,401£31,365£32,306
1-2 years£30,401£31,365£32,306
2-3 years£30,401£33,176£34,171
3-4 years£32,525£33,176£39,027
4-5 years£32,525£33,176£39,027
5-6 years£32,525£33,779£39,027
6-7 years£33,587£33,779£39,027
7-8 years£34,782£37,890£39,027
8+ years£37,267£37,890£39,027
Band 7< 1 year£37,570£38,890£40,057
1-2 years£37,570£38,890£40,057
2-3 years£37,570£40,894£42,121
3-4 years£37,570£40,894£45,838
4-5 years£38,765£40,894£45,838
5-6 years£38,765£41,723£45,838
6-7 years£40,092£41,723£45,838
7-8 years£41,486£44,503£45,838
8+ years£43,772£45,838
Band 8A< 1 year£44,606£45,753£47,126
1-2 years£44,606£45,753£47,126
2-3 years£44,606£45,753£53,239
3-4 years£46,331£45,753£53,239
4-5 years£48,324£45,753£53,239
5+ years£50,819£53,239
Band 8B< 1 year£52,306£53,168£54,763
1-2 years£52,306£53,168£54,763
2-3 years£52,306£53,168£63,861
3-4 years£55,226£53,168£63,861
4-5 years£58,148£53,168£63,861
5+ years£60,983£62,001£63,861
Band 8C< 1 year£61,777£63,751£65,664
1-2 years£61,777£63,751£65,664
2-3 years£61,777£63,751£75,874
3-4 years£64,670£63,751£75,874
4-5 years£69,007£63,751£75,874
5+ years£72,597£73,664£75,874
Band 8D< 1 year£73,936£75,914£78,191
1-2 years£73,936£75,914£78,191
2-3 years£73,936£75,914£90,387
3-4 years£77,550£75,914£90,387
4-5 years£81,493£75,914£90,387
5+ years£86,687£87,754£90,387
Band 9< 1 year£89,537£91,004£93,734
1-2 years£89,537£91,004£93,734
2-3 years£89,537£91,004£108,075
3-4 years£93,835£91,004£108,075
4-5 years£98,339£91,004£108,075
5+ years£103,860£104,927£108,075

Notes on the NHS Pay Scales

02 August 2021: New rates for 2021-2022 added to reflect the pay rise of 3%. The 3% pay rise was significantly less than expected after the Covid Pandemic which saw NHS resources and staff stretched well beyond normal working expectations.