Australia myGov service

Australia sees an increase in users of myGov service

More and more Australians are now using the myGov service. Since the start of the financial year 2014, on average, every day 40,000 users have registered with the myGov service. The Australian Department of Human Services provides the myGov service.

With myGov, Australians can access a variety of government services by a single log-in. For instance, you can file your income tax returns online. You can even link their different accounts such as Medicare, Child Support, and e-Health Record System, among others. myGov makes tax and finance management fare more simpler and, by centralizing the access point means that users do not have to visit any of these websites separately.

Once users create a myGov login account, they get access to a central inbox. This is similar to the inbox, say if you create an account with, of Gmail. In this central account, users can directly get messages related to their Medicare, child support, and all the associated services covered under myGov. These messages can be statements, notifications or other communication. Once there is a new message in the myGov inbox, users get notified through SMS or their registered email ID. This way, they do not have to check the myGov inbox every day.

Recently myGov has also added the Australian Taxation Office to its list of member services. With this addition, users can now pay their income taxes online through their myGov account. They can also monitor their tax returns for current as well as previous financial years. This addition has been widely accepted by users. In the last four weeks alone, more than 1 million people have filed their income tax returns through myGov.

In June 2014, a first myGov shopfront was launched in Brisbane. This shopfront has several features for helping people to learn how to use myGov online. This shopfront also has staff available to help people complete their transactions. The aim of this shopfront is to train citizens, who may not be familiar with using a computer, on how to use myGov. myGov Brisbane is at Suncorp Plaza, which is facing King George Square.