Speed Distance Time Calculator

This can be used as a straightforward speed and distance converter, or as a calculator based on details entered

If you enter two aspects the missing one will be calculated

Heading Enter details here Measurement Parameters Result
Speed per
Time (see below for time input formats)
  • Time Entry formats:
  • Time can be entered as hh:mm:ss , mm:ss or ss (hh=hours mm=minutes ss=seconds)

Example Time formats accepted in this calculator

  • 1:30:50 = 1 hour, 30 minutes and 50 seconds
  • 28:45 = 28 minutes and 45 seconds
  • 186 = 186 seconds = 3 minutes and 6 seconds

You can refine the calculations by controlling the number of decimal places that the calculator calculates to. The default is 2 decimal places.

Speed, distance and time converter/calculator

This calculator includes the following algorithms

Speed = Distance divided by Time

Distance = Speed multiplyed by time

Time = Distance divided by speed

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