Ratio Division Calculator

This Ratio Division Calculator allows you to divide an amount by a specific ratio. A ratio is a numerical comparison of 2 or more quantities and indicate the relative size of each quantity. Ratios are used in a number of daily activities and business markets, the Ratio Division Calculator can be used to divide a specific ratio, you can also access additional Ratio Calculators for application in math, engineering and other every day scenarios.

You can enter your own ratio and divisable elements or click on one of the example buttons to see an example of ratio division.

Ratio Divider | Ratio Division Calculator
Enter total amount to be shared out
Enter ratio, numbers seperated by : (decimal numbers are allowed)
Number count Count of numbers in ratio
Total number of shares Total number of shares (total of ratio figures)
Amount per share Amount per share (amount divided by number of shares)
You can refine the calculations by controlling the number of decimal places that the calculator calculates to. The default is 2 decimal places.
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How to use the Ratio Division Calculator

The ratio should be entered as numbers separated by a colon, e.g. 1:2:3

There is no limit to the amount of numbers in the ratio, and decimal numbers are allowed

There are example buttons below to demonstrate different inputs:

Example 1 uses integer(whole number) values in the ratio, Example 2 includes decimal numbers.

Calculations can be saved to a table by clicking the "Add to Table" button.

(The table appears the first time the button is clicked)

What Is a Ratio?

In mathematical terms, a ratio is the quantitative relation between two amounts, a ratio defines the number of times one value contains or is contained within the other related value. A ratio can also be defined as the relationship between two or more things when compared in quantity, amount or size, for example the ratio of cost between previous metals, strength of different construction materials and their tolerances.

Examples of Ratios

Utility costs - the chargeable rate per unit - see the Electrical Consumption Calculator for examples where costs are calculated as a direct relation (ratio) to units consumed.

Staff Costs - where individuals are paid or charge a specific amount per hour - see the Time Sheet Calculator for examples of how staffing costs are calculated on the number of hours completed at a fixed hourly rate.

Relative Payroll Calculations - the ratio of amounts paid toward income tax, medical and pension commitments can be expressed as a ratio of income received or salary package - see the United Stated $55k Salary Example

Gambling - Where ratios are referred to as odds of winning.

How can Ratios be expressed?

Ratios can be expressed in a numbers of ways, as a decimal, a fraction as a related comparison or as is more commonly seen a percentage. for example a ratio of 1 to 2 can be expressed as:

  1. 1-2 is a ratio expressed in using a hyphen, whilst this is quite commonly used it should be avoided as the hyphen also represents the minus sign in math and can be confusing in long algorithms or if using computer code or computers to process a math calculation
  2. 1:2 is a ratio expressed in typical math format using a colon
  3. 1 to 2 is a ratio expressed in written words
  4. 1 per 2 is a ratio expressed in written words
  5. 0.5 is a ratio expressed as a decimal number
  6. 50% is a ratio expressed as a percentage
  7. ½ is a ratio expressed as a fraction

Note: The colon is the preferred mathematical written means of communicating a ratio where as verbal communication normally uses a percentage as it is typically easer to visualise and comprehend a percentage figure when comparing relative quantities.

Simplifying Ratios in Math

Simplification in math is always easier for communicating and resolving a problem, whether complex or simple math. Simplifying ratios is no exception and the simplification of ratios makes for simpler communication as a percentage when communicating relative values verbally. As an example, lets say we have a ratio of 12:16, this can be simplified to 3:4 or the ratio expressed verbally as 75%. You can use the Ratio Calculator to compute related ratios and, the smallest ratio in figurative terms and identify the lowest common denominator with a ratio.

Is a Percentage a Ratio ?

Yes, a percentage figure is a a ratio. A percentage is a number expressed as a fraction of 100, so a percentage is a ratio of a number of unit of 100. A Percentage is a special ratio with a single number expressed and followed by a percent sign (%), or the abbreviations 'pct ' / 'pc ' though the use of 'pc ' is less common that 'pct '.

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