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Frustum Calculator

A Frustum is a three-dimensional geometric shape which resembles a cone with the top cut off.

The top and base diameters are parallel and on the centre of axis.

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Frustum Shape

Frustum shape Calculator: This image shows a Frustum shape with associated calculations used by the Frustum Shape Calculator

Dimension Value Comments
Height (h) The vertical height of the frustum
Slope Height (s) The length of the sloped side
Top Diameter (d1) Diameter of the top, equal to twice the top radius
Base Diameter (d2) Diameter of the base, equal to twice the base radius
Top Radius (r1) Radius of the top of the frustum, equal to half the top diameter
Base Radius (r2) Radius of the base, equal to half the base diameter
Top Surface Area (T) Surface area of the top in square units
Lateral Surface Area (L) The Lateral surface area in square units
Base Surface Area (B) Surface area of the circular base in square units
Total Surface Area (A) Total surface area in square units
Volume The volume of the frustum in cubic units

You can refine the calculations by controlling the number of decimal places that the calculator calculates to. The default is 2 decimal places.

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This calculator includes the following algorithms:

Slope Height (s) = √((r2 - r1)2+h2)

Surface area of top (T) = πr12

Surface area of base (B) = πr22

Lateral surface area (L) = π x (r1 + r2) x s

Total area = T + B + L

Volume = (1/3) x π x h x (r12 + r22 + (r1 * r2))

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