Fractions Calculator

This calculator performs basic calculations on two fractions, as well as showing an example of each


Enter fractions in 1/2 format, where 1 is the top number (numerator) and 2 is the bottom number (denominator)

numbers can also be entered as 1 1/2

Numbers converted to lowest common denominator

Basic Calculations

(click "?" to see calculations explained)

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This calculator includes the following algorithms

Fraction Addition - find common denominator then add top numbers (numerators) together, keeping the bottom number (denominator) the same

Fraction Subtraction - find common denominator then subtract the second top number from the first top number, keeping the bottom number the same

Fraction Multiplication - multiply the top numbers and the bottom numbers together

Fraction Division - turn the second fraction upside down then multiply

To see an example of each click the "?" buttons in the calculator above

This is a good reference for html math charectors...

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