Volumetric Weight Calculator

The Volumetric Weight Calculator is a tool designed to support the freight industry. Volumetric weight is commonly used to allow for the calculation or costs and associated charges when transporting goods. The volumetric weight is a measurement of the space that the goods will require when being transported from one location to another. Volumetric weight is used alongside actual weight to provide a fare charging system as a ton of feathers will require much more space than a ton of steel. In the logistics industry, space consumption is everything, road vehicles, aircraft, ships, trains etc. are all fixed capacity solutions. The more space you take as a ratio of weight, the more it is likely to cost you to transport your goods.

Volumetric Weight Calculator
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What is Volumetric Weight and what is it used for?

Volumetric weight is used in the Freight Forwarding industry as a means of calculating the cost of shipping a package / pallet etc. Freight Forwarding involves the movement of large goods by Air, Sea or Road.

Volumetric weight is used as a direct measure of the amount of space that the package / pallet / goods will take up on the vehicle, Aircraft, Vessel etc. When calculating the freight costs, the company will look at the actual physical weight of the goods and the volumetric weight. You will be charged for whichever is the higher of the two weights.

Volumetric Weight is also referred to as the dimensional weights (shorted to dim by those in the trade)

Volumetric Weight is calculated in Kilograms using the following equation:

  • Centimetres - Width x Length x Height / 6000
  • Inches - Width x Length x Height / 366

So, the Volumetric Weight in kilograms = either [ Width x Length x Height (in centimetres) / 6000 ] or [ Width x Length x Height (in inches) / 366 ]

Online Volumetric Weight Calculator

Enter the dimensions of the package / object that you would like to calculate the volumetric weight of. This volumetric Calculator uses either centimetres or inches and will provide you with a running total as you enter your values. Please contact us to request changes or amendments to this volumetric calculator.