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Loan Calculators. This image shows a student considering the merits of taking a loan to support their finances whilst at university using the loan calculators provided by iCalculator.

Each loan calculator on this page is equipped with a stream of knowledge and information about the various kinds of personal loans and business loans available in the financial market. The calculators allow you to perform the day to day life calculations that are necessary if you are considering borrowing money from a bank or a financial institution. You can take advantage of these calculators in numerous ways, such as:

  • Access the free, online calculators that are designed for different types of loans available in the market.
  • Every loan calculator comes with a useful guide that could answer many questions that you might have in mind.
  • The guides contain all the information about the loans, as well as the relevant calculators and how to use them.
  • Planning your finances will become easier with all the information and calculators of loans and repayment schedules.

All you have to do is, choose the kind of loan you are planning to take or in some cases, already running and input the details provided by your bank and you will have your desired results in front of you in no time.

Lending history, when and who did it first?

Lending in the form of loans stretches back over 3000 years, that's correct it has been that long, though not quite as developed as today, but lending existed in one form or another. The very first form of loans still exists today, it was during the ancient Greek and Roman times that pawnbrokers came into existence.

The pawnbrokers in ancient Greece, unlike today were not dealing with money only, it used to be money or goods in exchange for money. The modern lending system we know today evolved by the end of the 18th century and the early 19th century, in Britain.

The world's first building society, Ketley's, was founded in 1775 in Birmingham, England. During this era, people got money by using their property as collateral. This system evolved with growing technology and financial advancement which is now known as Loan Against Property or Mortgage.

By the mid 18th century with international trade booming, banks were being set up throughout Europe. The lending was still in its old form of rich lending to poor, however, the loans were becoming more available for common people.

Modern day lending has become very wide and there are numerous kinds of loans that can be availed by people through various means. This makes our lives easier, but at the same time it provides some challenges and you have to be really careful about the loans you choose, how to choose and how much you borrow etc.

Loans, secured and unsecured

You can borrow money from banks and multiple Non-Banking Financial Corporations (NBFC). You can borrow by keeping your assets as collateral or on the basis of your financial profile that is judged through the documentation you provide and/or your credit score.

Loans on Credit cards

Whenever you use your credit card, you borrow money from the bank. You have a defined period of time to pay the amount back to the bank and this facility comes at a cost. While you can pay off the entire used amount, you have an option to make minimum payments in order to maintain a good repayment track with your bank and pay off the rest of the amount in installments.

This is not necessarily good news or financially sensible though as you may be able to make minimum payments, but the amount of interest, fees and charges will keep piling up and you might end up paying much more than you had spent.

The good news is, with a little bit of knowledge and proper calculations you can save a bundle on the amount of interest you repay on your loans. This is possible with easily accessible online tools such as credit card repayment calculators and credit card fixed vs. Minimum payment calculators. These calculators will help you make better financial choices and can be accessed with the help of the following links:

Secured loans

When you borrow money from the bank or get your new car financed by the bank or any other financial institutions it is referred to as a secured loan. Would you say they are secured loans, well sure they are, for the lenders. These are considered secured for the simple reason that if a borrower is unable to pay or is defaulting on a loan, the vehicle can be recovered and sold to settle losses.

Generally, secured loans are cheaper when compared to unsecured loans, however, if you want to get the best deal possible there are many factors that you should consider. Some of these factors are choosing the right kind of vehicle (used or new), down payment for the loan, the bank that can give you the best deal possible etc.

Sometimes, you can choose to lease a car instead of buying one or opt for a PCP loan. But for doing any of it the key is to determine what are your requirements and the amount that you can afford to pay as an installment every month.

Also, the second mortgage that you take on your property such as Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is considered a secured loan. Though this is not a typical loan, but an overdraft facility, it is covered by your home as collateral.

But, you don't need to worry, you can just let us help you by making use of these calculators that are built to do the calculations for you and even contain the information to guide you through the entire process, some of the links of these calculators are given below.

Unsecured loans

Personal loans are commonly referred to as unsecured loans because they are given purely on the basis of credit of your profile and your financial documentation. You can access many other calculators for computing your personal loans on this page.

Are you already paying loans or if you are about to borrow one from the bank? But you think that you will be able to pay it back before time and want to know how the calculations will work. You can take advantage of the early repayment calculators by clicking the following links: