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Japan Income Tax Rates and Personal Allowances in 2014

Japan Income Tax Tables in 2014: Income Tax Rates and Thresholds (Annual)
Tax RateTaxable Income Threshold
5%Income from ¥ 0 to ¥ 1,950,000
10%Income from ¥ 1,950,001 to ¥ 3,300,000
20%Income from ¥ 3,300,001 to ¥ 6,950,000
23%Income from ¥ 6,950,001 to ¥ 9,000,000
33%Income from ¥ 9,000,001 to ¥ 18,000,000
40%Income from ¥ 18,000,001 to ¥ 400,000,000
45%Income from ¥ 400,000,001 and above
Japan Income Tax Tables in 2014: Personal Exemption Allowances
Personal exemption for Permanent Residents¥ 380,000
Personal exemption for Non-Permanent Residents¥ 330,000
Personal exemption for Non-Residents¥ 330,000
Japan Income Tax Tables in 2014: Dependents Allowances
Dependents Allowance for Permanent Residents¥ 380,000
Dependents Allowance for Non-Permanent Residents¥ 0
Dependents Allowance for Non-Residents¥ 0
Japan Income Tax Tables in 2014: Miscellaneous Rates
Pension contributions rate8.99%
Employee Social Insurance Contribution Rate4.99%
Employer Social Insurance Contribution Rate4.99%
National Health Insurance Rate4.7%

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