Jamaica Tax - What is a Pension?

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A pension is a regular amount of money that a person receives from the government, dependant on their circumstances.

The National Insurance Pension was introduced in 1966 and the first pension was paid out in March 1969. Though rates have changed, the principal is the same today.

People within the workforce, employed or self-employed, pay weekly contributions into a National Insurance Scheme (NIS), which is compulsory. NIS Contributions go towards several themes, including pensions.

There are several pensions available, see table below for rates. To qualify for a pension pertaining to Old Age, Invalidity, Widow's /Widower's, Orphan's and Special Child, weekly contributions must have been paid for 156 weeks.

Pension Type and Rate

Old age, Invalidity, Widows/Widowers Pension

Effective fromFull Basic Weekly Hours (39 & over yearly average)¾ Basic Weekly(26 - 38 hours)½ Basic Weekly(13 - 25 hours)
13 January 2013$2,800.00$2,100.00$1,400.00

Other Pensions

Category of PensionWeekly Rate from 10 January 2013
Dependent Spouse's Allowance (addition to Old Age and Invalidity)$900.00
Employment Injury Benefit and Disablement Pension$320.00 - $3,200.00
Maternity Allowance (8 weeks payable to domestic workers only)$5000.00 Tied to National Minimum Wage
Orphan/Special Child Allowance$4,900.00
Special Anniversary Pension, for persons born 1908 and earlier$1,400.00
Sugar Worker's Pension$1,400.00

Grants Available

Grant CategoryEffective from 10 January 2013
Funeral Grant$80,000.00
Invalidity Grant$50,000.00
Old Age Grant$50,000.00
Orphan's/Special Child's Grant$55,000.00
Widow's/Widower's Grant$50,000.00

How to Calculate Pension Contributions

Calculating Pension Contributions has never been easier, simply enter your income and other income(s) into the Jamaica Tax Calculator. The tax calculator will work out the taxes due and provides example calculations so you can understand how your Pension Contributions are calculated.

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