Historical Inflation Rates in the UK: 1900 - 2019

Inflation in the UK directly affects the relative value of the pound, that is the amount of goods or services that a pound will buy you.

The UK historical inflation rates table includes the relative value of a pound, reverse engineered against historical UK inflation rates. The result is a relative amount that a product costing one pound in 2019 would have cost in previous years.

The Historical Inflation Rates in the UK: 1900 - 2019 and £1 equivalents are shown in pound format for amounts above 10 pence, once the value drops below 10 pence we display the equivalent value in pence to 2 decimal places for greater detail.

Historical Inflation Rates in the UK: 1900 - 2019 and £1 equivalent
20160.7%£0.99 19932.5%£0.62 19695.4%8.12p 19463.1%3.26p 1922-14%2.84p
20150%£0.99 19924.3%£0.60 19684.7%7.75p 19452.8%3.17p 1921-8.6%3.1p
20141.5%£0.98 19917.5%£0.56 19672.5%7.56p 19442.7%3.09p 192015.4%2.69p
20132.6%£0.95 19907%£0.52 19663.9%7.28p 19433.4%2.99p 191910.1%2.44p
20122.8%£0.93 19895.4%£0.49 19654.8%6.95p 19427.1%2.79p 191822%2p
20114.5%£0.89 19884.1%£0.47 19643.3%6.72p 194110.8%2.52p 191725.2%1.6p
20103.3%£0.86 19873.3%£0.46 19632%6.59p 194016.8%2.16p 191618.1%1.35p
20092.2%£0.84 19863%£0.44 19624.3%6.32p 19392.8%2.1p 191512.5%1.2p
20083.6%£0.81 19854.9%£0.42 19613.4%6.11p 19381.6%2.06p 1914-0.3%1.21p
20072.3%£0.79 19844.3%£0.41 19601%6.05p 19373.4%2p 1913-0.4%1.21p
20062.3%£0.78 19834.9%£0.39 19590.6%6.02p 19360.7%1.98p 19123%1.18p
20052%£0.76 19827.9%£0.36 19583%5.84p 19350.7%1.97p 19110.1%1.18p
20041.3%£0.75 198110.9%£0.32 19573.7%5.63p 19340%1.97p 19100.9%1.17p
20031.4%£0.74 198016.4%£0.28 19564.9%5.37p 1933-2.1%2.01p 19090.5%1.16p
20021.2%£0.73 197913.4%£0.25 19554.5%5.14p 1932-2.6%2.07p 19080.5%1.15p
20011.2%£0.72 19788.3%£0.23 19541.8%5.05p 1931-4.3%2.16p 19071.2%1.14p
20000.8%£0.72 197715.8%£0.20 19533.1%4.9p 1930-2.8%2.22p 19060%1.14p
19991.3%£0.71 197616.5%£0.17 19529.2%4.48p 1929-0.9%2.24p 19050.4%1.14p
19981.6%£0.70 197524.2%£0.14 19519.1%4.11p 1928-0.3%2.25p 1904-0.2%1.14p
19971.8%£0.68 197416%£0.12 19503.1%3.99p 1927-2.4%2.3p 19030.4%1.13p
19962.5%£0.67 19739.2%£0.11 19492.8%3.88p 19260.8%2.28p 19020%1.13p
19952.7%£0.65 19727.1%9.96p 19487.7%3.6p 19250.3%2.28p 19010.5%1.13p
19941.9%£0.64 19719.4%9.1p 19477%3.36p 1924-0.7%2.29p 19005.1%1.07p

The affect of inflation on Salaries

As the Historical Inflation Rates in the UK: 1900 - 2019 table illustrates, the value of the pound has changed considerably since 1900 and so too have salaries. The Salary Inflation Calculator allows you to enter your current annual salary in 2019 and see the equivalent salaries in former years.

Historical PAYE and Salary Calculator

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