India Income Tax and Salary Example for ₹8,00,000.00

This illustration provides a salary calculation for a resident of India earning ₹8,00,000.00 per annum in the 2019/20 Tax Year based on the 2019 Income Tax Slabs. You can read further information about this tax and salary calculation below the calculator and in the associated finance guides and tools.

About the India ₹8,00,000.00 Income Tax Calculation for 2019/20 Tax Year

This illustration provides a salary calculation for an resident of India earning ₹8,00,000.00 per annum. You can alter and edit this tax calculation to suit your personal salary and circumstances using our the salary calculator for Indian income tax.

Detailed Tax Calculation for ₹8,00,000.00 Annual Salary

₹8,00,000.00: India Tax Calculator 2019/2020 Assessment Year
Gross Income for Tax Purposes₹8,00,000.00
-Total Deductions₹0.00
-Income Tax Due₹72,500.00
-Education Cess Tax Due₹2,175.00

=Take Home Pay 2019₹7,25,325.00
Additional Taxes Due
Lottery and Capital Gains Tax Due
₹8,00,000.00: Income Tax Calculation 2019
Earning BracketTax RatexTaxable Earnings This Bracket=Tax Due
₹0.00 to ₹2,50,000.000%x₹2,50,000.00=₹0.00
+₹2,50,000.00 to ₹5,00,000.005%x₹2,50,000.00=₹12,500.00
+₹5,00,000.00 to ₹10,00,000.0020%x₹3,00,000.00=₹60,000.00

=Sub total (based on 2019 income tax slabs): ₹72,500.00
₹8,00,000.00: Income Tax Deductions 2019
Tax DeductionAmount
+Life Insurance Premium₹0.00
+Annuity Plans₹0.00
+Public Provident Fund (PPF)₹0.00
+National Savings Certificates (NSC)₹0.00
+Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP)₹0.00
+Employee National Pensions Scheme (NPS) (section 80CCD Pt1)₹0.00
+Housing Loan Interest₹0.00
+Child Tuition Fees₹0.00
+Fixed Deposits₹0.00
+National Pensions Fund (NPF)₹0.00
+Other Deductables₹0.00

Sub Total₹0.00
+Long Term Infrastructure Bond (Not allowed in 2019-2020 Assessment Year)₹0.00
+Medi Claim Premium₹0.00
+Equity Linked Savings Scheme Investment₹0.00
+Interest on Saving Account Deposits₹0.00
+Interest on Residential House (Not allowed in 2019-2020 Assessment Year)
+Employer National Pensions Scheme (NPS) (section 80CCD Pt2) ₹0.00
+Interest on loan taken for Residential House
+Medical treatment of dependent₹0.00
+Person with disability₹0.00

Total Deductions₹0.00
Education CESS Tax Calculation 2019
Tax RatexTaxable Earnings This Bracket=Tax Due

=Sub total (based on 2019 Education Cess Tax): ₹2,175.00
Lottery and Capital Gains Tax Due
Lottery Tax Due₹0.00x%=₹0.00
+Short Term Capital Gains (111A)₹0.00x%=₹0.00
+Long Term Capital Gains (10%) Tax Due₹0.00x%=₹0.00
+Long Term Capital Gains (20%) Tax Due₹0.00x%=₹0.00


How did we calculate this ₹8,00,000.00 tax illustration?

Tax Illustration Considerations
Gross Income₹8,00,000.00
Assessment Year2019 - 2020
Tax Payer TypeIndividual
Tax Payer StatusResident
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