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Initially conceived and established by DiDiMo [ where you can find free calculators to add to your own website, blog etc. ] to provide sample tools for clients, iCalculator has grown a global audience with our core focus being the provision of free tax and finance calculators [ United Kingdom, United States, China, Canada, Australia, India, Jamaica ]. We also provide engineering, health, website, mathematics and logistics calculators to name a few. Use the search feature to find a specific calculator or browse by country or category. Can't find what you're looking for? Did you know we build new calculators based on community feedback?

The calculators provided on this website are free to use, we make no guarantee of their accuracy [ as legal folks like to crucify people these days ] though clearly aim for 100%. iCalculator supports a broad range of free to use online calculators so we need your support. We kindly ask that if you:

  1. Spot a mistake (a bug)
  2. Have a new feature request
  3. Would like us to build a new calculator

That you get in touch with us. You can provide feedback and raise feature requests through our contacting us through our website, maybe join us on Facebook or send us a tweet on Twitter. We don't mind how you get in touch, the main thing is that you do. Your time and support helps us keep the tools free.

You can also support us by telling your friends, family and colleagues about iCalculator. Whether word of mouth or a share on your favourite social network, it all helps. A share costs nothing and can make the world of difference so if you like what you see be nice and share :)

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