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Alcohol Consumption Calculator

The Alcohol Consumption Calculator allows you to track your weekly alcohol consumption on a day by day basis. The alcohol calculator provides detailed breakdown of units consumed, the related calories per drink and totals consumed per week with graphical snapshot analysis of your weekly drinking habits.


  1. Calories per alcoholic drink are shown in the calories column. The total calories consumed for the week for that drink type are shown in brackets [ Calories per drink x number consumed x numbers of days consumed ]
  2. You can flip between an advanced weekly breakdown (to track your alcohol consumption over a week period or see a consise overview (to caluclate one evenings worth of alcohol consumption for example).

Days Consumed
568 ml (4.0%) 2.3 (0) 182 (0)
440 ml (4.4%) 1.9 (0) 195 (0)
25 ml (%) 1 (0) 64 (0)
275 ml (5.0%) 1.4 (0) 226 (0)
568 ml (5.3%) 3 (0) 335 (0)
250 ml (13.0%) 3.3 (0) 190 (0)
125 ml (13.0%) 1.3 (0) 95 (0)
175 ml (13.0%) 2.3 (0) 116 (0)

Alcohol Snapshot

Based on the details you entered, you consume:

  • units per week. The recommended maximum alcohol intake per week for a is .
  • calories per week. The recommended maximum alcohol intake per week for a is .
Alcohol Consumption Weekly Breakdown
DayUnits ConsumedCalories Consumed

Weekly Total
Recommended max. per week for a n/a
Weekly Differance

Alcoholic Drink Strengths

Alcoholic DrinkAlcohol % Range
Fortified wines18-25%
Red, white and rosé wine9-13%
Beer, cider and lager4-10%

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