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Health & Fitness Calculators

Health and Fitness, our wellbeing is a key consideration in modern life when it is easy to slip into a poor routine of over eating, poor exercise routines and long lazy evenings sat in front of the television. In the Health and Fitness section of iCalculator, we provide a selection of Health and Fitness specific calculators that help you to understand and calculate the various elements that affect your wellbeing.

In this section of iCalculators, you will find a number of health and fitness calculators with an explanation of how each calculation is reached and a live online calculator for each health and fitness tool / application.

Out health and fitness calculators are free to use. If you would like us to add a new health or fitness calculator, please contact us and provide details of the calculator required. We do not charge for developing and publishing health and fitness calculators on iCalculator, charges may apply if you require the calculator to be published on your own site or provided a separate excel format for local on site use.

Weight and Body Mass Calculators

Food and Cookery Calculators

iCalculator Health & Fitness Calculators are regularly updated to include new features and facilities.

All the Health & Fitness calculators featured on this site are free to use. The calculators are designed to be used online, if you do experience difficulties or you're looking for a calculator which isn't featured, please contact us. We are always looking for new projects and ideas, so are happy to receive your feedback and wish lists.

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