German Income Tax 2019/20 Wage example for €90000

Welcome to the beta release version of the German tax calculator. The German Tax calculator is a free online tax calculator, fully supported and will be updated for the 2017 tax year once details are published, we simply ask that you support this project by providing feedback whenever you feel appropriate.

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About the German Income Tax Calculator

The German Income Tax Calculator is designed to allow you to calculate your income tax and salary deductions. The calculator is provided for your free use on our website, whilst we aim for 100% accuracy we make no guarantees as to the accuracy fo the calculator. If you spot an error or would like additional elements added such as a breakdown of Social Insurances including medical, pension or other deductions please contact us with your request and provide additional information or a link to supporting information. We constantly refine and develop the German Salary and tax calculators based on our community feedback so your time and feedback really does makes a differance.

Calculator defaults and options

  1. Weekly income tax and salary calculation based over 52 equal payments per year as default. Assumption is that any holiday pay is paid pro-rata. You can adjust this in the advanced calculator settings
  2. The hourly rate is based on the number of hours worked per week (default is 35 hours per week, you can change this in the advanced calculator settings)
  3. The number of working days per year is defaulted to 253 working days, you can change the default number of working days in advanced tax calculator

Tax Considerations and Computed elements

The following percentages, rates, thresholds and elements are used to produce the tax calculation(s) and results in the German Tax Calculator. If you spot an error please contact us and support our aim to make this tax calculator 100% accurate and 100% free to use.

Pension scheme contributions

Pension scheme contributions are capped at a specific threhold each year and depend on your marital status. Contributions deductions are planned to provide tax relief at 100% in 2025, current releief rates are shown in the table below.

Pension scheme contributions cap (planned and actual max % rates)
Tax YearRelief percentage

Employer Tax Calculation

As an employer you need to consider the holistic legal and morale employment costs associated with employing a new staff member is Germany. The table below provides the true costs of employment for the annual salary entered.