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chat_bubble_outlineUS Tax Calculator - Feature Requests

by Site Admin on 2015-09-13 12:20:17

Please reply to this thread with any feature requests or / and feedback in relation to the US tax Calculator.

iCalculator provides 2 solutions which you can use for calculating US Federal tax returns and State tax returns.

  1. Our Beta testing site [ tax form calculator ] has the latest software updates and tax features though, can on occasion, have bugs as we complete testing. You can also view State specific tax return illustration or enter your own settings by clicking on the state name to the left of the predefined salary illustrations
  2. The verified updates are then published in the United States Tax Return Calculator. Fom qtr3 2015, you will be able to interact with the published version on iCalculator, adding receipts, tracking tax expenditure and producing itemised returns and more. Our aim is to produce a comprehensive tax return system which you can use to file your tax returns, whenever necessary, throughout the year. You can access these features for free by registering with iCalculator. You then simply access the US Tax Application in the members section. You will be able to access the basic features from qtr1 2016. We will publish update notifications to the US Tax Calculator on this thread, register and subscribe to this thread to keep up to date with the latest releases. You can also track updates by following us on iCalculator Official Facebook Page

Regular users of iCalculator will realise that this is a new forum. Sadly we had significant problems with hacking and spam messages and site attacks after we purchased and installed the frum software from vBulletin so have instead rolled out our own, bespoke lightweight forums. We feel this is a better fit overall as we can provide greater functionality related to your specific requirements. Sadly it has put us back several months but, you live and learn!

Unfortunately we lost a lot of the valuable feedback received in regard to tax calculator improvements. We kindly ask that you leave your feature requests and ideas for improved functionality below (US Tax Calculator Only). Please do so even if you did leave feedback before.

If you prefer not to register with iCalculator, you can leave feedback using our Contact iCalculator. Our preference is that you join the forum and leave a message, but understand if you do prefer not to.

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