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chat_bubble_outlineiCalculator HR Calculators Feedback

by Site Admin on 2015-09-13 15:02:34

Please replay to this thread if you wish to provide feedback on any of the calculators in our Human Resoucre calculators section.

If reporting a bug or unexplained / unexpected action with one of the Human Resoucre calculators, please remember to:

  1. Tell us the name of the calculator
  2. If possible, copy and paste the url of the calculator
  3. Tell us what browser you are using (note that we won't spend much time resolving internet explorer 8 and below errors... get yourself a new browser!
  4. Describe what you were doing when you encountered a problem
  5. Describe what you expected to happen

Please add as much detail and information as possible to help us identify the root cause and resolve the issue quickly for you.

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