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chat_bubble_outlineHow to complete a Holiday Request

by Site Admin on 2016-01-03 06:14:27

The holiday request (or vacation request if you prefer) allows you to specify the days that you would like to plan off during the working year. All companies have a dedicated authorised holiday entitlement which typically runs in parallel with the financial year (though not always).

When accessing your Attendance Management Workflow, you will see:

  1. The number of day remaining in your authorised holiday entitlement,
  2. Any additional days granted by your employer*
  3. Details of your holiday year.
  4. A list of planned time off and any pending requests which have not been approved.
  5. A list of any rejected request which require your action.

*Additional days granted by your employer may include:

  1. Lieu Days: These are working days granted as off days, perhaps in return for overtime, as recognition or due to the amount of hours you travel on certain assignments.
  2. Bank Holidays: You may be required to work a bank holiday due to a shift pattern or to meet a specific work commitment.
  3. Carried over days: Some employers allow staff to carry over unused holiday allowance when, due to unforeseen circumstances, certain staff have been unable to take their allotted holidays.

How to submit a Holiday Request:

  1. Log in to the members area:
  2. Go to the Attendance Management App
  3. Under App Settings, select My Workflow
  4. Click on the Create New Holiday Request icon
  5. Select the Month and Year as required
  6. You will see a list of your team members, their planned time off and associated team information.
  7. On your calendar, hover over the day you wish to take off, normally showing a 'W' which means you are planned to work.
  8. Click and hold down the mouse button (or scroll if using a mobile device or tablet) and select 'h' (background is yellow). 'h' means 'Holiday Pending Approval'
  9. Repeat for each day you wish to take off. Note that days are split into two parts, this denotes either AM/PM or the first/second half of a shift.
  10. Once you have selected the days you wish to take off, click 'Send for Approval'
  11. You manager / Supervisor / Team Leader will receive a notification, review and approve / reject as necessary. You can check the approval status by logging in to your account and checking your workflow whenever necessary.


You can only change days in the future. The attendance Management app is designed to allow you to plan your time off. If you want to change a historical date (if you notice an error as you were unable to take a holiday for example), contact your Team Leader / Supervisor / Manager as necessary, they will be able to make the change for you.

The image below shows a snapshot on the 3rd January 2016. In this example only days from the 4th January onwards can be changed by employees. All days before and including the 3rd would need to be changed by a Team Leader / Supervisor / Manager or authorised app user as configuered in the Attendance Management App

Example showing that only days in the future can be altered when planning holidays in the attendance management app

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