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chat_bubble_outlineHow to set up User Access Control on Apps

by Site Admin on 2015-12-23 12:14:02

This guide explains the necessary steps to alter the app setting to control how various users (employees typically) interact with the apps on iCalculator.

To use iCalculator Apps, you must first Register with iCalculator (Registration is free). You can then access specific apps and tools. If you own, run or represent a company, you can setup your company on iCalculator, add company employees and then, by following this guide, allow specific access control to each company app.

Every app on iCalculator features specific user control settings.

  1. Full Administrative Control - This is the person who setup the initial company or app account on iCalculator. With full administrative control you can setup employees, default settings and control the way the app looks, feels and works. Each App has it's own default settings, certain app settings you can be manipulated and controlled to suit your (or your business) needs.
  2. Top Level Control (TLC) - Split into Admin, Edit and Read Only, the Top level Control allows a default setting to be applied across the application regardless of the users demographic. Top Level Control is more relevant to companies with multiple offices, branches, departments and teams who wish to allow specific users (A HR Specialist for the absence Management App for example) to setup and manage other users and access specific reports and app settings across a number of locations remotely.
  3. Location Specific Control (LSC) - Split into Admin, Edit and Read Only, Location Specific Control allows settings to be applied to specific teams, departments and branches. Useful for Team Leaders, Managers and supervisors of cross functional departments or those with mixed responsibilities or specialities. The key element here is flexibility in how you set up your app to reflect functional user group control.

You can use a combination of Top level control and Location Specific Control to fine tune your setup. Control is configured in a cascading approach, so, setting:

TLC Admin, LSC read only = User has Admin Control, TLC overrides

TLC Edit, LSC Admin = User has edit rights across the app with Admin rights for the location specified

TLC Read Only, LSC mixture or Admin, Edit and Read-only = User has Read Only access across the app except for locations where Admin or Edit rights have been assigned.

App User Access Control Definitions

  1. Admin Control - With Admin control, a user is permitted to control other user settings and defaults within the specified App including other user access control
  2. Edit Control - Similar interaction and control to Admin but the user cannot alter specific staff or other user controls, they simply interact and can edit others data
  3. Read Only - User has read only access to all app features except their own data entry. So, for example, in the Attendance Management App, the user can submit/modify holiday requests (appear in workflows for users with Admin / Edit Control to approve) and see fellow team member calendars. The aim herein is to allow individuals and groups to de-conflict their own activity ahead of submitting requests. Managers (whether setup and Edit or Admin rights) can then de-conflict absence planning and approve / reject as is appropriate within company policy.

How to set up User Access Control on Apps

In this example, we will use the Attendance Management App though each App contains user level controls so that you can set up teams and hierarchy to reflect your own business. The image further down shows you where to click in sequence. Note that layouts may appear differently depending on the device you are using, screen resolution and colour schemes you apply to the members area.

  1. Select Apps from the top Menu
  2. Choose the add that you wish to configure user settings for (in this case, we choose the Attendance Management App)
  3. Under App Settings, select Users
  4. Click on the edit icon (A pencil) to the right of the user whom you wish to configure
  5. The User App configuration window will appear for the user selected
  6. Setup the Top Level Control and Location specific controls as required
  7. Click Apply to apply and save your changes

Diagram showing how to apply specific user app setting to allow admin control of apps

Have any questions or feedback in regard to this? Leave a message below, your time and comments are always appreciated, feedback and interaction helps us refine our tools, information and apps to suit your needs. It also helps us to keep them free to use.

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