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chat_bubble_outlineHow to setup your company correctly to use iCalculator Apps

by Site Admin on 2015-12-08 12:11:56

This user guide defines the necessary steps to setup your company on iCalculator.

If you follow this guide and complete each step your company will be correctly setup to make use of all the apps and features specifically built for company users including dynamic org chart, absence management applications and finance and accounting tools.

  1. Complete the Registration Process
  2. From the top menu, select Settings
  3. Select Private Profile
  4. Scroll down and change Add Company to Yes
  5. Click on Apply Changes
  6. Click on the text below Add Company that says 'access your company profile page here'
  7. Complete the 3 key data entry areas for your company
    1. Finance Details: Necessary for financial apps you may use of iCalculator, for example invoice creation and business tax calculators.
    2. Address Details: Necessary for invoice creation and document prints which use your business address within its templates.
    3. Contact details: As above and for display on your business public profile on iCalculator if you choose to make it visible.
  8. Click on Apply Changes
  9. Finally, add your company logo
  10. In the add company logo box, click on browse.
  11. Locate the logo on your computer and double click on it.
  12. Your logo will automatically upload and a preview will be shown

That competes the basic company setup. You must now add your company branches, departments and teams. Please note this is still required even if you are a small company.

How to add your company to iCalculator

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