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chat_bubble_outlineNew Members - Welcome to our Forums

by Site Admin on 2015-09-05 09:40:25

Welcome to iCalculators New Forums.

What is iCalculator?

iCalculator is a collection of free Calculators, applications and tools developed for our community. this includes tax return tools, finance apps, human resource attendance applications and more.

iCalculator is an ongoing project which delivers tools and applications based on the feedback from our community. In simple terms, we develop our apps around your requirements and feedback. A good example is the US Tax Calculator which initially was a simple tax return estimator, this has grown into a robust tool that includes (planned for qtr 4 2015) itemized deduction returns, tracking of receipts (upload and save) and tax breakdown and analysis.

Our new forums go live in 2015. Unfortunately our previous forums which used the vBulletin application were so heavily spammed and abused that we had to abandon them and start from scratch. Sadly this means we lost a lot of valuable feedback, finance articles and other key content... such is life. This regrettable hacker intervention did however provide us opportunity to review the site infrastructure and how we deliver our applications to support your intuitive use.

Out total holistic review culminated in the delivery of a bespoke members area where you can access and control all your settings, applications and information that supports your use of iCalculator. You can save salary calculations, prepare budgets and more. We will be continuously delivering new applications throughout 2016.

What we want from you!

We can't maintain and sustain iCalculator without your support. We don't want money or donations, advertising covers our server costs. What we need is your feedback and engagement:

  1. IF you have a feature request, tell us. Join our forums, post your idea concept and, when we review and integrate, you will get a message confirming the upgrade has occurred.
  2. IF you see a bug, error or incorrect assumption / calculation, tell us. We maintain thousands of calculators and applications. Whilst we aim for 100% accuracy and sustained updates we are a small team. iCalculator is a community project, we deliver but we need your support and engagement to ensure we deliver the right tools, the right way.
  3. Get involved. If you see a question or feedback from another community member and you have an opinion, share it. We love to get feedback (good and bad), without feedback we can't fine tune our tools to meet your expectations and needs

What areas do we cover?

In simple terms, everything.Development is our passion.We have provided tools for engineers, mathematicians, managers, logistics folk, new website owners, financial bodies and service providers and more.Our work has references across the globe including references in the New York Times, Guardian and Financial Times.

How do I get involved?

We really appreciate your participation in this project, here is how you can help:

  • Become a member.Registration and membership is free (and always will be) and allows you access to bespoke apps and tools which you can tailor and control to your preferences. Register here.
  • Use our tools and calculators.Sounds simple but the more you use, the better we understand what is popular and what works well, it helps us focus our efforts.
  • Tell your friends.If you like our site and the tools, calculators and applications we provide, tell people about it!Sharing helps build up our traffic levels, gain more members and thereby more feedback and support developing / refining our tools.
  • Leave a message in the forums.Forums are a great way to share experiences and information.When you share something you help both us and your fellow users of iCalculator.The more you engage, the more likely it is that others will as well.Share your finance, money saving tips, tax tips etc.Whatever it is, there will be someone interested and likely to benefit from your knowledge.
  • Think you can do a better job of writing an introduction?Register and tell us how you think we can do more to encourage new members.

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