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Retirement Calculator - ROTH IRA calculator

With a Roth IRA (Individual Retirement Agreement) you pay tax on your contributions, but withdraw the funds tax-free in retirement.

You can specify your annual contribution either before or after tax.

Note: you can also specify a figure on maturity to see how much you need to contribute annually (to do this either enter all details except the Annual Contribution, or simply amend the Maturity amount once calculated).

Roth IRA
Detail Figures Comments
Annual Contribution $ Enter your annual contribution either before or after tax
Contribution is amount paid Select "Before Tax" or "After Tax" from dropdown
Current Tax Rate (only required if contribution is before tax)
Nett Amount Annual contibution allowing for tax.
Saving period (years) Number of years to maturity
Rate of Return (%) Interest rate payable annually on anniversary
Maturity amount $ Total fund you can withdraw for your retirement on maturity
Payment Schedule

The payment schedule below is based on a fixed annual contribution and rate of return as above

Page 1

Payment number Nett Payment Amount Interest Balance


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