Declining Balance Depreciation Calculator

Also known as a Percentage Depreciation Calculator

Declining balance depreciation is where an asset loses value by an annual percentage.

For example, if an asset is worth 10,000 and it depreciates at 10% per annum,

At the end of the first year the depreciation amount is 1,000 (10,000 x 10 %) and the balance is 9,000 (10,000 - 1,000)

This balance is carried forward, so the next year the depreciation value is 900 (9,000 x 10%) and so on.

There is an option to add the results to a table for comparision.(the table appears the first time you click the button).

Declining Balance Depreciation Calculator
Detail Value Comments
Asset Value The value of the asset at the start of the depreciation period
Percentage (%) Depreciation percentage per annum
Period Depreciation period in months or years
Final Value Value at the end of the depreciation period (also known as the residual value)

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This calculator includes the following algorithms:

Depreciation amount = asset value multiplied by the annual percentage

Balance is the asset value minus the depreciation value

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