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How Much Can I Borrow? Mortgage Calculator

This calculator is designed to illustrate how much you could borrow when approaching a mortgage lender to take out a mortgage based on your income. You can calculate how much you can borrow based on a single or joint mortgage application.

Mortgage Application Type:
First Applicant Income
Second Applicant Income
How Much Can I borrow?

Based on your income details, you will be able to borrow between


depending on your credit rating, credit history and any current outstanding debts.

Note: House purchases above £ 125,000.00 are subject to Stamp Duty, you can calculate how much Stamp Duty you have to pay here.

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    Details used in this Mortgage Calculation

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    How to calculate how much you can borrow on a mortgage

    It is the question that home buyers ask themselves most, "How Much can I borrow?". In the mortgage guide "How Much can I borrow?", we examine all aspects of mortgage lending so that you can review, understand and budget effectively for the mortgage for your new home.