Debt Payoff Calculator

This Debt Payoff Calculator compares your current debt payment schedule against a proposed payment schedule. The aim of this debt management tool is to allow you to understand and compare current and potential interest payments, monthly repayments and total amount repaid.

Debt management is about understanding the costs, using the Debt Payoff Calculator will allow you to see how quickly you could repay your credit card, loan etc. and the total amount you would save, allowing you to use that money to repay additional finance quicker etc.

This can be your own proposal or a separate company's proposal

You can also enter a period of time to find the monthly payment for that period

Debt Payment comparison
Outstanding balance and interest rate
Current Payment Arrangement
Enter either a fixed amount or the minimum payment details
% of balance plus interest
(whichever is largest)
Proposed Payment Arrangement
Enter either a fixed amount or a period of time in years and/or months
Comparision of Arrangements
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Current Arrangement Proposed Arrangement
Payment no. Payment Amount Interest Principal Balance Payment Amount Interest Principal Balance

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