Auto (Car) Lease Calculator

The Auto lease calculator allows you to calculate the total lease costs and associated values when leasing a vehicle from a car dealership.

Auto Lease Calculator

Auto Lease Calculator
Retail Price or MSRP ($):
Negotiated Selling Price ($):
Dealer Acquisition Fee ($):
Registration Fee ($):
Other Costs ($):
Trade-In Value ($):
Down Payment ($):
Other Reductions ($):
Lease Term (months):
Money Factor: or APR: %
Residual Factor (% of MSRP):
Sales Tax (%):
Auto Lease Calculator Results
Net Capitalized Cost:
Residual Value:
Total Lease Payment:
Total 36 Lease Payments:
Monthly Interest:
Monthly Depreciation Fee:
Monthly Lease Payment (Excl. Tax):
Monthly Sales Tax:
Monthly Lease Payment (Incl. Tax):
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