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Capital Gains Tax Calculator

Capital Gains Tax is a tax on the profit when you sell or dispose of an asset that has increased in value

Assets include: personal possessions worth £6,000 or more, property that isn't your main home,

Your main home if you let it out, used it for business or it's very large,

Shares that are not NISA, ISA or PEP, and business assets.

You also have to pay Capital Gains Tax on an asset you have inherited when you later dispose of it.

Tax is payable based on your income tax band, you don't pay any tax if the profit/gain is below your tax-free allowance

After selecting your circumstances you can add any number of assets in the table below


Tax Year

Select your income band:

up to 31,785 (Basic) 31,786 to 150,000 (Higher) over 150,000 (Additional)

Date of Birth (for tax allowance)

Type of Asset Original Value Disposal Value Profit Tax Rate(%) Tax Amount
Totals Original Value Disposal Value Total Profit Tax Rate(%) Tax Amount

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