Beginning Inventory Calculator

The Beginning Inventory Calculator allows you to calculate the value of all inventory held at the start of the accounting period, this represents thevalue of stock/goods that can be used to generate revenue via sales for the period used.

Beginning Inventory Calculator
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Ending inventory
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Beginning inventory
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Why do I need to know the Beginning Inventory?

Calculating the Beginning Inventory allows you to identify / confirm inventory change for defined accounting periods to understand shifts in stock inventory on specific lines which in turn:

  • Identifies any lost stock (breakages, pilfering, damages, unaccounted returns, poor inventory management).
  • Increases / decreases in specific products / lines, particularly useful for ensuring sufficient stock to meet customer demand (see Available to Promise for more information).
  • Supply Chain issues (Push / Pull Available To Promise (ATP) process / execution problems)
  • Inventory Management process issues (unnecessary delays in accounting for returns / processing data for stock control etc.
  • Internal Audit - drives good internal process practice and helps to identify, resolve and sustain good business accounting/business process procedure

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