Annuity Depreciation Calculator

Annuity depreciation is where an asset loses value by other than time

For example, a vehicle's value can be depreciated by how many miles it travels, or a machine based on how many operations it performs.

The calculator below allows you to enter different criteria based on your requirement.

After entering the initial and final values, select the criteria from the drop-down list,

This gives relevant choices for the units in the "per" drop-down box

Note - you do not have to enter values, if they are omitted then the usage will still be calculated.

A PDF document can be created from these details by clicking the "Create PDF" button.

Detail Value Comments
Asset Value The value of the asset at the start of the depreciation period
Final Value The value of the asset at the end of the depreciation period
Usage Increment

This calculator includes the following algorithms:

Depreciation amount = asset value multiplied by the annual percentage

Balance is the asset value minus the depreciation value

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