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Terminology used on iCalculator

Income Tax, RRSP, alimony... What does it mean? Canadian Tax and finance terms explained with sensible guides to everything tax to make tax simple.

Terminology and Jargon, it drives everyone crazy. iCalculator's calculators use typical tax, math and finance terms and jargon for standardisation, any deviation to those terms is defined here in the Canadian Tax Terminology section.

The chances are that you will be familiar with a lot of the terms, phrases and words we use on iCalculator, but just in case, here is a list of the common terms and phrases that we use.

If there is a specific term which you feel should be added, please feel free to contact us with your suggestion

You will find specific financial terminology which is often referenced from our salary calculators and tax calculators as well as mathematical terms, website 'Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)' terms and other market relevant terminology related to the specific calculators being used.

Canadian Tax and Finance Terms

11AlimonyWhat does Alimony mean?
12Canada Pension PlanWhat does Canada Pension Plan mean?
13Capital AssetWhat does Capital Asset mean?
14Capital GainsWhat does Capital Gains mean?
15Capital InvestmentsWhat does Capital Investments mean?
16Child Care ExpensesWhat does Child Care Expenses mean?
17Deduction For Copyright IncomeWhat does Deduction For Copyright Income mean?
18Eligible DividendsWhat does Eligible Dividends mean?
19Employment Insurance PremiumsWhat does Employment Insurance Premiums mean?
20Federal TaxWhat does Federal Tax mean?
21Gross PayWhat does Gross Pay mean?
22Ineligible DividendsWhat does Ineligible Dividends mean?
23InterestWhat does Interest mean?
24Lifetime Capital Gains ExemptionWhat does Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption mean?
25Net PayWhat does Net Pay mean?
26Provincial TaxWhat does Provincial Tax mean?
27Registered Retirement Savings PlanWhat does Registered Retirement Savings Plan mean?
28Union DuesWhat does Union Dues mean?

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