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Schedule 4 Calculator

Statement of Investment Income

This calculator allows you to calculate lines 120, 121, 180 and 221 of your tax return, concerning income from investments

Enter the names of the payers below, and attach any information slips you received.

Attach a copy of this schedule to your return.

I - Taxable amount of dividends (eligible and other than eligible) from taxable Canadian corporations
Taxable amount of dividends other than eligible dividends (specify):1
Add lines 1 to 3, and enter this amount on line 180 of your return.180=4
Taxable amount of eligible dividends (specify):+5
Add lines 4 to 7, and enter this amount on line 120 of your return.120=
II - Interest and other investment income
Income from foreign sources (specify):+
Enter this amount on line 121 of your return.121=
III - Carrying charges and interest expenses
Carrying charges (specify):
Interest expenses (specify):+
Enter this amount on line 221 of your return.221=


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