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This page contains a list of countries in Africa that iCalculator provides free online tax and salary calculators for. If you are looking for salary and tax calculators in a different continent, you can find them in our main international salary and tax calculators page. Each country in Africa listed contains specific, detailed tax and finance calculators for that country based on annual Business Tax Tables, Corporation Tax Tables and Personal Income Tax Tables. A list of the current tax tables for each country is provided to allow you to check the current tax rates and thresholds, Social Security, pension commitments etc. The tax tables are updated annually with the rates and thresholds used within the specific salary and tax calculators listed on iCalculator.

Please select a specific country in Africa from the list below to access specific tax calculators, salary calculators and associated finance calculators for that country. You will also find supporting tax guides, personal income tax rates within the 2021 tax tables and salary examples for each country.

Africa Salary and Tax Calculators

Africa Personal Income Tax Rates

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iCalculator: Free Online Africa Salary and Tax Calculators designed specifically to provide Income Tax and Salary deductions for Individuals, families, businesses and expats in Africa. Our suites of Africa tax calculators are updated annually to provide a dependable tax calculator for your comparison of salaries when looking at new jobs, reviewing annual pay rises, looking at staff employment costs or just comparing your monthly salary to see how your tax deductions / withholdings accrue each year in Africa.