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PAYE Salary Calculator 2014/2015

iCalculator UK PAYE Calculator is updated for the 2014 / 2015 tax year. You can calculate your take home pay based of your annual income and include tax deductible elements such as pensions and student loans.

Federal Tax Calculator 2014

US salary Calculator 2014 / 2015 tax year. Calculate your take home pay based on annual/monthly salary includes tax deductions for head of household, age related allowances, cafeteria etc.

Income Tax Calculator 2014

Australian Income Tax Salary Calculator updated 2014 / 2015 tax year. Income Tax calculations, Medicare, HECS HELP Debt and more.

Welcome Australia

iCalculator integrates Australian Tax Calculator

iCalculator is proud to add Jamaica to our directory of tax calculators. The new Jamaican tax calculator launched in quarter 1 of 2014. Share your opinion of the tax calculator with us, your feedback counts.

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Welcome to iCalculator

iCalculator is a collection of online calculators which are specifically designed for online use via computers, mobile phones and tablets. The calculators provided on this website are free to use, we hope you find them useful and kindly ask that you provide feedback (by contacting us through our website, contacting us through Facebook or dropping us a tweet on Twitter). iCalculator is an ongoing project that aims to provide calculators for our community for all their personal and business needs. We regularly add new calculators and provide new online calculators on request as well as expanding on the calculators we have in each section.

Calculators are our passion

We know it's nerdy but calculators are our passion and we aim to make our calculators easy to use and understand. When practicable, we provide detailed breakdown of the calculations and supporting information so that you understand exactly how the calculator works and what information you need to know. A good example of this is our tax calculator, which provides a line by line calculation explanation, analysis and links to supporting information so that you can have a clear understanding of how your tax (PAYE, NIC's etc.) are calculated.

The iCalculator project was launched in 2009. In the early days iCalculator simply provided a few mathematical calculators. As the years have past, iCalculator has grown and grown and now provides dedicated advice and support (with tax guides, supporting articles and clarification of terminology). We have, and continue, to refine our calculators to provide more detailed breakdown, results and information so that you have the tool you need.

iCalculator Community

Our community is the world, well, a fair bit of it! iCalculator is most popular in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia. We regularly get feedback and support from those countries and would like to acknowledge and thank all those who have supported us over the years (too many to name them all).

Please continue to provide feedback and send us your calculator requests.

New Calculators

Here are some of the new calculators added to iCalculator:

Contractor Calculator

Launched in October 2014, Contractor Calculator is a suite of payroll, accounting and contractor specific articles and guides in support of contracting in the UK. New tools and guides will be added weekly. Our aim being to provide a central resource for UK contractors who use iCalculator. If you are a contractor or involved in the contract industry (as a recruitment agent etc) and you are looking for a tool or resource that is not available on iCalculator, just drop us a line and we will add it to our project list. We receive 5-6 requests for new calculators each week and can turnaround most requests in less than 1 week.

Remember: All our calculators are free to use. A new calculator only costs you the time it takes to make a request and maybe to answer a couple of questions if we need you to explain some functionality.

Finance Calculators

iCalculators Financial Calculators are designed to be used online via any modern web browser or accessed via your mobile device. The financial calculators are free to use, we hope you find them useful

Tax Calculator 2014/2015

Tax calculations and salary breakdown is not always as simple as it should be. This tax calculator provides a full payslip and tax breakdown with PAYE calculations explained.

Human Resource Calculators

The Human Resource tools and calculators within this section provide specific information of specialised areas of Human Resource Management like absence management and recruiting costs.

Connect with iCalculator

Connect with us, request new calculators or add to our calculator projects. Connect with us on:

Tax guides

Tax Guides and Tax Tips. Simple guides to help you make the most of your finances, good rainy day reading. Regular updates on the latest tax news, calculator updates and more.

Mathematics Calculators

iCalculator Mathematics Calculators are regularly updated to include new features and facilitis to help kids and adults understand and calculate specific mathaematics formula.

Logistics Calculators

Trying to calculate the volumetric weight of an item of trying to work out how many items you can fit into a 40ft container, iCalculator has the right tool for you

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